Ali Bahrami-Fard


Ali Bahrami Fard was born in 1981 in Shiraz. He made his B.A. in music at the Tehran University and his M.A. in composition at the Art University. He is a faculty member of the music department at the University of Arts and Architecture.

He wrote and published several books with Iranian songs such as “Farness” – a book which contains santur duets, or “Shadow” – a book with etudes for santur. He published the CD “Goshayesh” (“Inauguration”) with music for plectrum ensemble and he published the DVD “Zeba’de ma” (“After us”) with music for santur ensemble. As a composer, instrumentalist, organizer and supervisor he is collaborating with ensembles and musicians in Iran and other countries including the Kalhor Players Group, the Mezrabi Orchestra, the String Orchestra of the Art Conservatory and The Symphonic Orchestra of Sofia in Bulgaria.

Ali Bahrami is also composing for theatre, cinema and TV shows. The play “Among the Clouds” won the special price at the Artistic Festival of Brussels in 2006. He is collaborating with Kayhan Kalhor in different orchestras. They also recorded the album “I will not stand alone” together. Further albums are “The Pathway” and “Spiritual Spree”.