The Dresdner Sinfoniker

The Dresdner Sinfoniker are amongst the leading symphony orchestras for contemporary music. The ensemble’s productions – which feature musicians from almost every … read on

Symphony for Palestine

A tour of the Westbank

Barfuß durch Hiroshima

Concert & video art in commemoration of the atomic bombing



Reach out to us!


Waltz with Bashir

„ … ich bin ein dreizeiliger Teasertext mit einigen Füllwörtern … “



„ … ich bin ein dreizeiliger Teasertext mit einigen Füllwörtern … “


Erstes Ferndirigat der Welt

„ … ich bin die wunde Stelle zwischen Orient und Abendland … “



Markus Rindt

Artistic Director

Markus Rindt, artistic director of the Dresden Symphony Orchestra, was born in Magdeburg. He comes from a musical family – his mother was … read on

Franziska Jahn

Project Manager

Franziska Jahn, born in 1981, studied musicology and cultural management at the Franz Liszt Conservatory in Weimar from 2003 to 2009. Growing up in … read on

Benjamin Deiß

Creative Director

Benjamin Deiß, born 1981, studied film production and directing in Hamburg and London from 2000 to 2005. Following his studies, he worked in London … read on

Therese Menzel

Executive Producer

Therese Menzel was born 1986 in Kühlungsborn, Germany. The school years were followed by work stays in Ecuador and the USA as well as work in … read on