Araik Bartikian


Araïk Bartikian was born in 1962 in Gavar, Armenia. His grandfather, Ousta Haïrik, was a master from the Sevan area, an accomplished player on the duduk, the sering and the clarinet. At the age of 16, Bartikjan was introduced to renowned Duduk master Djivan Gasparian. who recognized his talent and encouraged him, paving the way for a long apprentiship that was to continue for years.

In 1982, Bartikian began studying at the Komitas Conservatory in Erevan under Ghazaros Sarian and Katachadour Avédissian. He completed his classical training there in 1987, winning a prize with his performance for harp and duduk. He has subsequently won several competitions, among them the first prize in the International Competition for Traditional Music & Dance in Kiev (1991) and the Sayat Nova Music Competition in Yerevan (1987).

In 1991 he began working with the famous Armenian composer Awet Terterjan, who engaged him as a Duduk and Zurna soloist for various performances of his Third Symphony. Araik Bartikian is today one of the most sought-after Duduk and Zurnasolisten from Armenia. He has worked with such conductors as Mourad Annamamedov, John Carewe, Michael Helmrath, Hans Leenders, Diego Masson, Pierre Dominique Ponnelle, Pascal Rophé, Alexander Slatowski, Volodymyr Sirenko and many others.

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