Blazko Scaniglia

Bass Baritone

Blazko Scaniglia lives and works in Mexico City as a singer and songwriter. His extraordinary voice and acting talent make him a hypnotic sound and stage experience. As a bass baritone he has sung concerts in renowned concert halls such as the Teatro de la Ciudad Esperanza Iris in Mexico City, the Franz Mayer Museum, the Laboratorio Arte Alameda and several others.

Together with the German new wave producers Nikolas Klau (Tuxedo Moon/Nine Rain) and Gerry Rosado (Discos Intolerancia) he produced three albums (teknonekronomikon, Ritos, Perversiones & Delirios and RetroFuturismo Musical), from which several music videos were released between 2008 and 2015.

His band La Orden Scaniglia has a large fan base due to their powerful electric guitar sound and the breath-taking riffs of bass guitar and baritone saxophone. Due to his versatile and expressive timbre, Blazko is a sought-after dubbing artist for cartoons and feature films in Mexico.

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