Harald Thiemann


Harald Thiemann was born in Görlitz in 1966. He studied Classical Percussion at the “Musikhochschule Dresden”. He gained his first experience as a solo timpanist of the Dresden Philharmonic before turning to rock and jazz music, after an intensive stage of self-study with the drum kit. He subsequently played in many bands with a wide variety of repertoire: jazz, funk, Brazilian, Balkan music, as well as rock music, big band and modern music. He also composed stage music for several German theatres. In Berlin he works with his ensemble “Club Jazz Debakel”, which performs in the sphere of improvised Jazz-rock. Tours and guest performances have so far led him through Europe, North Africa, China & Central America. Harald Thiemann has been a member of the Dresdner Sinfoniker since 1999. Due to his cross-genre experience, he is involved in both the drumset and the orchestral percussion instruments.