Kamil Shajrawi

Oud Player

Kamil Shajrawi is now seen as one of the most important musicians in the Arab world, who specialises in classical oriental music. Born in Nazareth in 1962, he not only plays oud and violin, but in addition to his work as a singer, he is also regarded as a composer and arranger with his own distinctive style. Many of his compositions are written especially for the oud which emphasises the phrases of musical richness and manifest the technical abilities and virtuosity of the player. His compositions are greatly influenced by western classical and international music.

Born into a family well-known for its artistic talents, Kamil started his musical career at the age of five. At seven he started playing the oud and at the age of nine he won a scholarship to study classical violin for seven years at the conservatory where he graduated with excellence. After completing his high school studies, Kamil was awarded another scholarship to continue his musical studies in the United States of America. There he studied at CSULB in California where he received his B.A. degree as a classical violin performer.

He spent ten years in the U.S. touring and playing concerts of Middle Eastern music. Kamil has accompanied famous singers such as Wadie Al-Safi, Sayyed Makkawi and Lebanese star Fairuz. He took part in an international music concert with the well-known musician Paul Winter several times in the USA, South America and Israel.