Sa’ad Mohamed Hassan

Arabic Violin

Sa’ ad Mohamed Hassan was born in Ashmoun, Egypt in 1940. He began his musical studies at the Music Institute in Elminia, Upper Egypt with Professor Mahmoud Younis. Later he continued his studies at the Cairo Conservatory. Sa’ ad Hassan is regarded as a pioneer of violin playing within Arabic music. He has performed with such great names as Mohamed Abd El Wahab, Om Kulthoum, Nagat and others.

Saad has been Professor of Violin at the Cairo Academy of Arts since 1978. He has also performed a number of works by the renowned musician Mohamed Abd El Wahab with the Cairo Symphony Orchestra. Saad also took part in a number of recordings for Egyptian television and radio. Concert tours have taken him to the USA, England, France, Syria and Lebanon. He received awards for his work in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Egypt.