Musaik – Grenzenlos Musizieren e.V.

Children’s Orchestra

As part of the art and culture project “ZU HAUSE in Prohlis”, initiated by the Societaetstheater and the Quartiersmanagement Dresden-Prohlis, a free youth music programme, “Musaik” was launched in September 2017. Founded by Luise Börner and Deborah Oehler, Musaik is specifically aimed at children from socially disadvantaged families in the district. In the first year, 25 children between the ages of 6 and 12 took part, who were able to learn a string instrument and received lessons three times a week in group classes and ensemble playing.

Together with the Cellex Foundation, which supports Musaik – Grenzenlos Musizieren e.V., the project has been expanded to the 2018/19 school year. There are currently about 70 children who are intensively learning a wind or string instrument, with the instrument being provided free of charge. The children all come from Prohlis, with approximately 60% coming from a migrant background. The lessons take place in the primary and secondary school Gamigstr. 28/30. The goal is to develop interpersonal and social skills in addition to musical and artistic education. Through regular concerts, the programme enriches cultural participation in the district and gives parents and children access to the cultural life of the city of Dresden.